Case Study: Accounting Services

MARE Restaurant Beijing was established in 2003.  The company has Chinese and Western partners, and has achieved great success in the Beijing market being very popular among expatriate and affluent local communities.  MARE has received several awards from the press and has achieved fast business growth including the opening of two additional locations.

Complying with the Chinese accounting regulation was a must, but was not enough for MARE partners.  They also wanted to develop a detailed reporting system that could help them to better understand and manage their business. They wanted to obtain that without hiring full time financial staff as this would add what was seen as unnecessary cost and management requirements.

We tailored our Accounting Reporting System in both Chinese and English in order to generate the reports that the    Partners desired.  Then we put in place a data collection and sales system which was easy to follow by MARE staff.  All data is now collected by MARE staff, which is then delivered to Vedanta on a weekly basis for processing.

Vedanta Management work close with MARE’s partners to highlight the principal issues that we identify through analysis of the Key Performance Indicators.  With the expansion and development of the business Vedanta has also helped to design an integrated software system that links sales, accounting