Case Study: Company Secretarial Services

ZARA, which is part of the Inditex Group, is one of the world’s leading retail fashion companies. Inditex Group entered the China market in 2005 with ambitious growth plans which required the opening of a large number of retail outlets.  ZARA had very tight deadlines for the opening of the new shops, and any delays would be extremely costly.

Every new shop required approvals from several government bureau approvals.  The scale and complexity of the challenge was magnified by the fact that ZARA had to obtain the approvals in different cities and municipalities at the same time.

1. Information Packages
We helped ZARA to prepare a “shop opening information package” that included all the documentation required for the different bureaus’ approvals. This was to be used as the source for all the basic required information for all new openings.

2. Key Relationships
  Our team maintained positive relationships at an official level with Department Directors in order to ensure a favorable atmosphere for the work that needed to be done.
  We also worked closely with the government employees in charge of the files, being the staff who actually handled the paperwork.

We have helped ZARA with approvals for several shop openings, reducing the shop approval time from 3 months to an average of 3 weeks.